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Miscellaneous Animated Gifs

Lum dancing: lum from urusei yatsura is dancing
GunSmith Cats001: they're in a room and shouting
GunSmith Cats002: they're in a car
NukuNuku: NukuNuku turning around

Dragon Ball Animated Gifs

Vegeta elbows his son Trunks: a very cool one
Krillin shots a fire ball: really cool
The Dragon Ball GT logo sign go around : another cool
A lot of faces go bye: there all cool
SS4 Goku: SS4 Goku doing the kamehameha
SS3Gotenks: shouting fire balls
Goku: Turning around
Super Saiyan : Goku powering up.
Goku: doing the ganki-doma
Goku: Vs Raddits
Goku: as a kid
Gohan: From Movie 2/ in US Movie 3

Evangelion Animated Gifs

Asuka: very pissed off!
Rei: just sitting around

Pokemon Animated Gifs

Pikachu: Pikachu on a ball
Pikachu & Butterfree: Pikachu on Butterfree
Pikachu: Pikachu waving

SailorMoon Animated Gifs

Sailor Venus': Crystal Transformation
Sailor Jupiter's: Crystal Transformation.
Sailor Mars': Flame

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