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Wow people actually give a rat's ass about me!

About Me

I'm 14 years old. Gender: Male. Name: Joshua Couchenour. Birthdate: 8/16/85. Blood Type: 0. Favorite Anime: M.D. Geist. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Blue. Interests: Anime And Music.

A story about me. Title, "When I was 5."

When I was 5 years old, I was playing around my house with a girl about 5 years old. We were playing Cops and Robbers, I was the robber. We were using rocks as bullets, so she was throwing little rocks at me, then she picked up a big rock and throw it at my head. I was bleeding.


Another story about me. Title, "Why You Shouldn't Throw Rocks".

When I was 8, a bunch of my friends and I, were throwing rocks at a sign(No trespassing, my ass!). I was picking up some rocks near the sign, when, bam! A girl threw a rock at my head. I was bleeding.