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The Story Of M.D. Geist 2

The Planet Jerra is dying During the final days of the war between the Jarran resistance and the Nexrun invaders the ultimate weapon was activated - a doomsday device. Now the cities are cold and silent as the robotic apocalypse know as "Death Force" stalks andslaughters every living thing on the panet. But from the wasteand,refgees tell storys of a lone warrior with the power to defeat the Death Force robots - the genetically-engineered Most Dangerous Soldier: Geist.

The last, surviving remnants of humanity have banded together, seeking refuge in a titanic land fortres commanded by the warlord Krauser. A formidable warrior, Krauser is holds a deadly secret: he's the prototype Most Dangerous Soldier. And Krauser is honor-bound to destroy Geist for his role in the cancellation of the MDS program. But Dr. Breston, the creator of the Most Dangerous Soldier, has other plans...

Krauser has a plan to rid Jerra of the murderous Death Force robots. First, lure the robots to their destruction, then - by virtue of his genetic superiority - declare himself the leader of the newly-liberated planet! the only obstacle is the renegade soldier, Geist. Most Dangerous Soldiers collide as old scores are put to rest in the midst of mankind's final battle!

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